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The Jet Park Story Journey with us and discover a unique NZ experience

For over 20 years Jet Park Hotels has been dedicated to providing excellent service and genuine Kiwi hospitality to our guests. We are passionate about New Zealand and ensuring that every guest who steps through our doors has the best experience possible.

While our guests are one of our greatest joys, our staff are one of our greatest assets. The outstanding individuals who make up the Jet Park team work tirelessly every day to share their joys and their passions, delivering the very best care and service to our guests and to each other.

Over the years, we have grown from a single hotel in Auckland to a broader family of hotels around New Zealand. Here at Jet Park, we are a family… an extended family that includes not only our staff but also our guests. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome and hope that you find a home within our walls.

The Jet Park Hotels' Mission Statement

Our Business

We aim to operate an ethical business in the Hotel sector offering products and services that provide value for money, quality, exceptional service and consistency. 

  • We will provide excellent service to all customers to achieve total satisfaction.

  • We will accomplish high productivity levels through sound planning, organisation and teamwork.

  • We will earn sufficient profits to ensure investment in the business together with providing a good return to owners.

  • We will earn high employee loyalty and motivation by providing a respectful, safe, collaborative and responsive work environment.

  • We will gain recognition in the market for being a highly professional, ethical, quality-assured business.

Our mission statement concentrates on the four key components that we consider essential: our customers, our owners, our staff and the community in which we operate.


We value our customers as the foundation of our business. Our relationships with customers and suppliers are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit. We aim to develop profitable and lasting relationships. We want to build on what we do well and to innovate to meet changing customer needs.


We respect the experience and skills of our staff and value the contribution that every person makes to the team. We recognised that pride and enjoyment in the job come from working in a respectful, safe, collaborative and responsive work environment. Our goal is to work together to reward, train and develop our staff in ways that acknowledge performance and individual abilities.


We recognise that our actions must acknowledge our responsibilities for the well being and stability of the community, and our environment as a whole. With this in mind, we will aim to support local community initiatives, and actively undertake and implement environmentally aware business systems and services.


We have a long-term responsibility to our owners to operate with care, efficiency and of prime importance, at a profit. Our objective is to earn the profits needed to provide a consistent increase in the value of the business, a good return on investment for the owners, and to finance the ongoing development and growth of our business.



Thank you Jet park for there great service.. everything we need you guys provide it for us... we appreciated everything you guys have done for us.... Thank you so much for all the help and your hard work


Overall experience was good. However the room should have been cleaned up thoroughly. The tv channels are very limited. Since that's the only thing an isolated person can watch to spend time, they should have more sky channels.


Thank you JET PARK.. no complaints from my corner, just grateful & thankful for your service. When you stay for free, eat for free and get everything for free, why would anyone complain🙂. You have an awesome team & I mean that, even the team in the kitchen, always coming through with the feeds, you guys have no idea but my 4 year old twins know each time the food gets delivered, if they're napping & they hear the knock, it's the jumping out of bed asking "what's the time mum, if I say 12pm or around that time they'll jump and run for the door screaming *lunch is here*🤦‍♀️😆" oh and when we got home, they we're super happy to see their dad but when it got dark they asked "mummy what time are we going to the hotel?🤣". Anyway thanks heaps for EVERYTHING. Although you're a quarantine facility for now, but like you say on those banners etc... kindness can't be quarantined and that's what we saw with the service given by the team there. To the Management team, you have got to be very proud of the team you have, they are professionals n amazing especially during this time. #thankYouAll #GodBless

Haji Ahmad Atayee



This was my very first time visiting and staying at Jet Park Hotel, so I didn’t have any expectations of what it was like. But during my stay, my expectations were exceeded and I enjoyed everything about the place. The staff are very welcoming, friendly and are always ready to help with any issues or concern that you may have with your room or in general. The food was definitely the best part of this stay, as the menu changes each day and is always something new and different.


Appreciate and love the service of the hotel staff and nurses were looking after us very well and to make sure we’re okay. ❤️ The place is so safe, safe for everyone especially for the kids. So clean, and we love the food. Thank you so much! God bless 🙌🏽


We were there for isolation because we went for a test for covid and came back positive that was how we enter jetpark I love it the staff were so friendly and the food were soo good the nurses were soo helpful the room was nice and comfortable thank you Jetpark for welcoming me and my kids I love you all and God Bless


i loved the service here if i ever have to return to MIQ i most definitly would like to come back, food was good, house keeping was awesome, staff was awesome, thank you jetpark for an awesome experience


Thank you so much for your hospitality and your service. We appreciate everything you've done for us. Room was very clean and food was nice. Housekeeping staff were very nice when they made contact to check up on us. Blessings.


Everything was great, food could’ve been better & kids options were limited as well as kids drinks. Even paid menu for kids was exactly the same. Room could’ve used a microwave, for when food comes cold or what not at least there’s the option there to reheat. Was asked by one nurse if I was taking anything for my cough, said no and then she said we had to pay for our own medicine from chemist Warehouse. That was fine but then when asked what she suggested, she told me to call CW staff and they’ll tell me. Didn’t see the point in having nurses there if I was going to call elsewhere to get medical advice on how to improve my symptoms. Ended up getting cold and flu nurofen. Other than that, rooms were spotless, nice and spacious. TV had sky sport and nick jnr. HDMI to use for devices like PS4.

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