Free Auckland Airport Shuttle Service


'Short walk - Big Welcome'

A few meters walk from the airport exit you will find a big welcome from our driver who will whisk you in our airport shuttle in style and comfort, to the hotel in approximately 15 minutes. As a standard service we provide all of our guests with an around the clock complimentary Auckland Airport return transfer service. These shuttles are available in 30 minutes intervals (on a demand based schedule) and complete a round trip to both Auckland Airport domestic and international terminals on each run.  If you want an alternative way to get to the airport instead of taking a Auckland airport shuttle from your home, why not spend a relaxing evening with us, get 10 days free car storage and arrive rested to the airport in the morning. It's all part of the service we offer!

Airport Shuttle Directions

Important note: As at 1st January 2017 access to our shuttle bus via the Freephone terminal at the domestic airport has been discontinued. Guests can still phone for hotel shuttle transfers using our hotel's freephone number using their cell-phone or via a public phone. 0800 538 466

You Can Download instructions
  • Transfer times will vary from 15 to 40 min depending on the location of the driver.
  • All transfers from Hotel – to Airport can be arranged on check- in.
  • Please note: we are unable to meet your arriving flight due to possible airport delays, immigration and MAF processing delays, and schedule changes. The Airport authorities do not permit us to wait for arriving passengers in the pickup area. We will be down promptly to collect you once you have called us using the below instructions.

Jet Park Hotel free-phone from Air NZ Domestic Terminal:
  1. Collect luggage. 
  2. Phone Hotel Shuttle either on your  mobile or a public phone. Freephone: 0800 538 466.  Public phones are located in the  Air New Zealand terminal between  baggage claim and Pandora store.
  3. Once you have called, head to  Door #9 (Jetstar Terminal).  At the  far end near baggage claim, go  across the entire crossing to far  side and wait near collection bays.
  4. Look for Hotel Shuttle sign, and  wait for your transfer to arrive.

Jet Park Hotel free-phone from International Terminal:
  1. After clearing Customs, collect  luggage, and come through to land  side. 
  2. Phone Hotel Shuttle either on your  mobile or a public phone. Freephone: 0800 538 466.  Public phones are located opposite  arrival at the bottom of the escalators  or just inside Door 2 near the Taxi/Super Shuttle exit.
  3. The shuttle pick‐up point is located  outside door #11, (besides  McDonalds). Turn right and go  around the corner, the shuttle will  collect you from the “Hotels and  Rental cars” collection point. 

Flight Information & Departure Cards

Preparing for your flight is easy.  We have a dedicated flight info television screen located in the hotel lobby which constantly displays flight arrival and departure information. This is a great way for you to double check your flight status thus ensuring that you are kept abreast of any changes that might occur. To further assist your travels, we also carry a stock of NZ immigration departure cards which you can complete before arriving at the airport giving you one less thing to worry about when checking-in for your international flights. For further information contact reception.

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