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Health & Safety Actions

Kia ora to all our guests and customers.

We would like to update you on the precautionary measures we we are taking to prioritise your health and safety with regards to managing the risk of COVID-19 when you stay, dine or conference with us. Like other businesses tackling this issue, we're being guided by the Ministry of Health. 

Please read the below links for more information on our health and safety practices during this time. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 538 466 or email us at

Doing our Bit to Control COVID-19 in New Zealand

Meet Bioquell

To ensure the hygiene of all our guest rooms, meeting rooms and public spaces, each room has been treated with a machine called a Bioquell - an Ecolab solution that provides validated and compliant surface and airborne biodecontamination.

Bioquell features



Effective: Bioquell utilises a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution to kill over 99.9999% of pathogens within an enclosed area. Bioquell’s Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor process has been proven faster and more effective than other automated decontamination methods. A single cycle can eliminate a wide range of pathogens from every exposed surface in an enclosed area.

Global: Bioquell systems are trusted by leading pharmaceutical companies and industry-leading institutions around the world.

Residue-free: No residue, hazardous chemicals or puddles are left behind and the room is left without any harsh odors.

Reliable and Trustworthy: EPA-validated and compliant with Europe’s Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), Bioquell’s solutions are also used by the FDA, CDC, NIH and EU.



Cleaning & sanitising plan

We have put in place a comprehensive cleaning and sanitising plan for our hotels to ensure they're cleaned more frequently and with extra care. The same applies to our conference centres and restaurants. We have free hand sanitiser available in all our public spaces. All our rooms in all hotels have individual air-conditioning. Like other businesses tackling this issue, we're being guided by the Ministry of Health and continue to follow best practices.

Dining Health & Safety Procedures:

General Service Area/Waiting area
• Sanitiser available to customers on arrival to establishment
• Clean and sanitise tables and chairs (top and under) - before service and sanitise between customer groups
• Clean and sanitise high-tops and bars - between services
• Clean and sanitise post mix guns - end of each day
• Clean and sanitise keyboard, mouse, computer, screens - every hour
• Sanitise doorknobs, door handles and/or rails indoors/outdoors - before service & every 2 hours
• Clean and sanitise salt and pepper shakers and tissue holders – between services 
• Clean and sanitise floor mats - daily
• Remove any cutlery from tables - bring cutlery with meals
• Clean and sanitise general seating areas - between services
• Sweep and mop the floors - between services
• Vacuum carpet - between services
• Sanitise any menus - after they have been used by each customer
• Clean and sanitise tables and chairs - after every customer
• Sanitise pencils, pens, crayons provided to children after each use

Kitchen / Back of house
• Clean and sanitise all areas where food is being prepared – as used
• Clean and sanitise all utensils, plates – after every use
• Clean and sanitise all washing stations and sinks - every 2 hours
• Clean and sanitise any grills, cooking equipment and/or ovens - daily
• Clean aprons/uniform - daily
• Clean and sanitise all rags, or any other cleaning cloths
• Clean and sanitise walls - as needed
• Clean and sanitise floors - between services
• Empty, clean and sanitise all disposable bins - daily
• Clean and sanitise walls and other areas that are a high-touch point in walk-in refrigerators/freezers (especially handles and the door) - daily
• Clean and sanitise coffee machines - between services
• Clean and sanitise drinks fridge handles - daily
• Empty, clean & sanitise ice-makers - daily
• Ensure use of and keep stocked handwashing stations
• Refill soap dispensers - daily
• Ensure dish / glass washers are working at correct temperature - daily
• Sanitise remote controls daily (TV’s, stereo etc) and keep away from customers
• Sanitise all light switches and controls - between services

• Clean and sanitise inside, around and under the sink - between services
• Clean and sanitise soap dispenser/ handwash bottle - every 2 hours
• Clean and sanitise toilets (inside and outside the bowl) - between services
• Clean and sanitise toilet brush handle - between services
• Clean and sanitise taps - every 2 hours
• Clean and sanitise mirrors/toilet roll handles/doorknobs inside and outside door - between services
• Clean and sanitise the floors - between services
• Empty, clean and sanitise bins - between services

• Sanitise Eftpos Machine - between each use (unless a contactless transaction has occurred).

Contact tracing

As per the current government guidelines we have contact tracing procedures in place at all our hotels for accommodation guests, meeting guests and restaurant guests.


Jet Park Team well-being

We are equally committed to ensuring the health of our Jet Park Team members plus their families, and we regularly provide the latest guidance and information so they can keep themselves and their families safe. All staff at Jet Park Hotels have daily health checks and weekly COVID-19 swab test.