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Hotel Industry Environmental Initiative Award 2013 Winners! Jet Park Hotel

Written by Sonja Herrmann on May 31st, 2013.      0 comments

  Jet Park Hotel are delighted to accept the 2013 Environmental Initiatives Award.  This is a very important milestone for us and it would not have been possible without each of our staff “doing their bit” at the hotel- recycling, double-side printing, separating waste, participating in SPCA events, watching use of power, gas and water, Kokako Volunteers, careful product selection etc… we have over 60 initiatives that have contributed to this award!  We are fortunate to have Owners and a GM who support the vision of sustainability and together as a team we can be sure that the “footprint” we create on this earth is lighter each year.  The work of regenerating our earth and sustainability cannot be claimed by a single person or business and we’d like to thank Qualmark NZ for their vision and framework by which the hotel industry can aim for better environmental initiatives.  It is only by collective efforts that we will ensure that the beautiful environment in New Zealand is protected for our great, great, great grandchildren and for our tourism industry to continue to thrive.
This award is decided on the following criteria-

“In recognition of the hotel industry’s commitment to sustainability, NZHIC presents the Environmental Initiatives Award. This award will recognise the hotel/individual that has shown innovation above and beyond all others in order to neutralize its impact on the environment. This initiative may have the potential to change the way the hotel industry operates and supports the 100% Pure New Zealand brand. This award will be made for an Environment Initiative that, in the opinion of the judges, most contributes to the improvement of the efficiency of the hotel and reduces the environmental impact on the surroundings.”




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